Our mission

When you offer clothing to your employees, a pen to your customers, a cap at your golf tournament or your business card, you do not simply hand over a promotional item. You broadcast your brand and above all, your corporate image.

This is why our commitment is to make sure that, through each one of your promotional items,
you broadcast the image you will be proud of and that will increase your organisation’s value.

What sets us apart

PromoCostTM is governed by three principles:.

    1. Listen to customers
    2. No compromise on service
    3. The lowest price for members, and a competitive one for non-members.

We’ve been distributing promotional items for more than 15 years. Through this experience, we’ve observed a recurring trend among all customers: the daunting task to invite several distributors to bid on tenders in order to, maybe, get the best price. And their budgets are divided among the lowest bidders which may affect the quality of the product and/or the service received. In conclusion, customers do not achieve their objectives.

At PromoCostTM, our increasing buying power grants our members and customers access to the best possible prices, quality and service, and this, for every project, great and small. No compromise !

We were recognized before as RP Promo. We’ve chosen to concentrate our efforts in exceeding your expectations and we are proud to present to you: PromoCostTM.